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Rav Bariach Top Premium 3 Panel interior door

Rav Bariach Top Premium 3 Panel interior door

Цена: 1500 Р

в   корзину

All interior doors from the TOP series are manufactured with a 7 cm polymer section at the bottom of the door providing water resistance protection, Flexboard filling for acoustic insulation, a magnetic lock for silent locking and a peripheral seal for noise reduction.
The door leaf has a water-resistant, 1.8 mm Formica finish of exceptional quality available in a range of color shades.
Segmented hardwood door frame laminated with water-resistant laminate in color shade matching the door, and wide WPC water-resistant casings.
A large selection of glazing and designs to match the style and character of the house.
Dimensions: Height 205/215/220/240 cm from final flooring, width 70/80/90 cm, door frame cross section 9.5 /12/14 cm.
10-year warranty against water and moisture damage (subject to warranty certificate)