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Pandoor Unique New Venga

Pandoor Unique New Venga

Цена: 1050 Р

в   корзину

Wing: grained wing (felt), made of 2 formica panels (without MDF) the formica coating in the shade
New Venga and with an embossed texture, matching kent on 3 sides of the wing, at the bottom of the door a thick polymer kent
(up to 7 cm) for water resistance. Door filled with flexboard, each door has 2 adjustable double pipe hinges and a magnetic lock.
WPC polymer frame: straight frame coated with minto on hard WPC,
A waterproof and pest-resistant doorframe, with a sealing strip. The frame is grooved on both sides for the fastening of the dressings.
Polymeric WPC cladding Florence/Exclusive* model: about 10 cm wide, in the front, in the back
The wardrobes are about 7 cm wide and coated with the same laminate as the frame.